Georgia American Society for Healthcare Engineering, GASHE, is an Affiliated Chapter of the American Society for Healthcare Engineering, ASHE, of the American Hospital Association.  The Georgia Society for Healthcare Engineers, a statewide organization, provides and shares technical and managerial information regarding the operation and maintenance of healthcare physical plants.
GASHE purpose is to:

  • Promote and enhance the practice of healthcare engineering
  • Provide activities to its membership which helps develop skills in healthcare engineering, administration of professional responsibilities or management of healthcare facilities
  • Provide a communication vehicle for the dissemination of information on current practices, new knowledge or new technology related to the area of expertise and the application of technology developed by other occupations and professions
  • Provide a forum on healthcare issues which explores and explains the impact of issues in hospitals and facilities management
  • Provide educational opportunities to members of the Society

ASHE is the largest association devoted to professionals who design, build, maintain, and operate hospitals and other health care facilities.
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Our mission is to promote and advance the practice of healthcare facilities operations through leadership, membership, and support.

Composed of management level healthcare engineers with associate membership granted to vendors and suppliers of healthcare facility maintenance, repair, and construction products

Campaigns run from January through March each year and from March through December new business partners have the opportunity to join the society through becoming a sponsor

Georgia American Society for Healthcare Engineering, GASHE, is a Society organized exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes as a not-for-profit association